Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Wow. I can't believe it's been a year. But here we are. Well, I'm grateful to be here and I'm happy that you're here with me to share this experience.  Tomorrow's my birthday. Lord know's how much I love my birthday. The big 35. Can't say I feel like it or maybe I do. As the days draw nearer, I've been thinking about my next hair style, upgrading to a new phone, buying a slew of new bra's. 35 has its perks.

I've been thinking about starting a business, travel, and what does life look like for me in the next 35 years. It's exciting. So with that, here's my word to those in their 30's who have made mistakes and life doesn't look like what you expected. The choices you made in your 20's that got you here, have no impact on how great you can be in the rest of your life. Do not settle. Do not settle. Don't settle. DON'T SETTLE. Get UP! Your time isn't up. Your turn has not passed. It ain't over.

Live your life, and live it well.

Cheers! Happy Birthday Beautiful!

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